Seamus Malliagh, better known as Iglooghost, will release a new album in May.

Tidal Memory Exo is an “enthrallingly dark and blistering” album we’re told, on which his vocals take centre stage for the the first time.

Malliagh made it while living in a “rust-ridden flooded squat in a weird UK seaside town” in Kent, England. During his time there, he spent time trying to get involved in the local music scene, and discovered lots of new mutated genres and illegal radio stations.

“I wanted to make an album that sounded super relentless, violent, and pummelling,” he explains, “or like filthy tidal waves smashing against walls of rusted sea urchins.”

Yet despite the grim vibe of the resulting productions, there is something “intrinsically cartoon-like about the images and themes they conjure,” we’re told.

The album lands on Malliagh’s own LUCKYME®.

Alongside the announcement, Malliagh has shared “Coral Mimic,” which is an attempt at a sub-genre he says people are calling post-coil.

“I made it on a horrible corrosive drum sequencer that can only be touched with gloves on,” Malliagh says. “Every four minutes the LCD display gets obscured by an internal fuel leakage, so I had to keep stopping so I could siphon the excess diesel out in time. The tune turned out alright but you can tell I’m clearly really pissed off because of the technical issues distracting me.”

Raised by a punk-loving father and taking influence from drill music and classic ’90s Warp records, Malliagh released his last studio album, Lei Line Eon, in 2021. For more information on him, check out his XLR8R studio feature here.


01. Blue Hum
02. New Species
03. Alloy Flea
04. Coral Mimic
05. Spawn01 ft Cyst
06. flux•Cocoon
07. Pulse Angel
08. Echo Lace
09. Nemat0de
10. Chlorine•FM
11. Germ Chrism
12. Dew Signal
13. Geo Sprite Exo

Tidal Memory Exo LP is scheduled for May 10 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Coral Mimic” in full via the player below and pre-order here.

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