The first thing I noticed about iLive’s Indoor/Outdoor Bluetooth speakers is that they were small and compact enough to make me think of lawn-decor-pathway lights instantly. But after having a chance to hear the sound these Bluetooth speakers can make, I got to say these wireless speakers are way slicker than anything you would find in the home and garden department.

iLives Bluetooth, solar-powered speakers (yes, you get a pair of them) come packed with a ton of excellent features that make these an affordable and practical pair of speakers for casual hangouts, BBQs, and other smaller get-togethers.

We had a chance to review these and put together this speaker review so that you know whether these are the right Bluetooth speakers for you and your circle of friends.

What I Liked About The ILive Bluetooth Speakers

ilive indoor/outdoor solar-powered Bluetooth speakers review

There is a slew of features in these speakers that instantly caught my attention. So let’s chat about those first.

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