Pietro Iannuzzi, better known as Indian Wells, will release his new album on Max Cooper’s Mesh.

No One Really Listens To Oscillators explores the concept of “unfinished” in relation to oneself, art, architecture, and surroundings. The album’s initial conceptual input came from an article in The New York Times referencing a new conceptual architectural style. The term “Incompiuto” (Unfinished), which was theorized by Alterazioni Video & Fosbury Architecture, concerned unfinished works and how the reveal a new style of their own.

“The head of this article was a photo of an escalator in the middle of nowhere in Calabria, where I live,” explains Iannuzzi. “I knew this escalator very well and I immediately realized that my perception of this ‘reality’ could be really different from people who have never lived in this area. It can be said that I grew up in the unfinished—between unfinished houses and other half-built works that are now an integral part of the landscape, without really noticing.”

Before he started creating the album, Iannuzzi set about clearing his mind. After that, he went back to when he fell in love with electronic music and listened to Radiohead’s Kid A and Warp artists like Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin, Border Community, William Basinski, and Massive Attack. We can expect nine tracks of alluring melodies, driving percussion, and evolving sonics.

“I felt my last album was unfinished, and realised something had to change in my music,” he says.

Indian Wells’ last album came in 2017 with Where The World Ends on Friends Of Friends. Last year, he released New Ruins.


01. An Escalator in a Storm (Incompiuto Part I)
02. Four Walls
03. Against Numbers
04. No One Really Listens To Oscillators
05. I Cannot I
06. Habitat
07. Life of JS (Incompiuto Part II)
08. Calabrian Woods
09. Before LifeNo One Really Listens To Oscillators is set for July 15 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “An Escalator in a Storm (Incompiuto Part I)” and “Calabrian Woods” in full below and pre-order here.

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