Arushi Jain will release a new album on Leaving Records.

Delight follows on from 2021s Under a Lilac Sky, which also landed on Leaving.

The album carries, at its core, the simple proposition that delight is accessible and that the practice of cultivating it is a worthwhile endeavour.

Across nine tracks, Jain aims “to instil belief in the ever-present nature of delight..assert[ing] the need to actively seek it when not readily found.”

While Under the Lilac Sky was concerned with time, space, and our outer environment, Delight is reflective, occasionally “approaching the autobiographical,” we’re told, and “an invitation for the listener to embark on their own search for delight.”

To record the album, Jain decamped to Long Island, where she assembled a makeshift studio in an empty house on the seaside, a house suffused with light and art and surrounded by wildlife. This ambience has “clearly seeped into the album, drenched as it is in the warm sun as it is in the cold October rain.” In her self imposed isolation, Jain experimented with vocal compositions, building songs out of short sung phrases.

Jain ended her solitary writing by working with acoustic instrumentalists to incorporate classical guitar, cello, marimba, flute, and saxophone into her sonic vocabulary. The result is a collection of songs that are often slower and sparer than those featured on Under the Lilac Sky, yet “audibly richer.”


01. Still Dreaming
02. Exquisite Portraiture
03. I Surrender
04. Imagine An Orchestra
05. Play In The Void
06. Our Touching Tongues
07. Portal To Silver Linings
08. Infinite Delight
09. You Are Irresistible

Delight LP is scheduled for March 29 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Imagine An Orchestra” in full via the player below and pre-order here.

Photos: Zara Saraon

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