Washington DC may be known for the slime balls in government and lobbying, but there is a vibrant music scene as well. Looking beyond Go-Go music and the DMV rap scene, dance music has found itself a nice niche in the city. There is the old guard, like the people at Glow, but there are other promoters putting on exciting and interesting shows as well. Nü Androids is a promoter that has been doing electronic shows in DC for the past seven years, opening up their shows to beyond just music, but also digital art.

They do “standard” music events, but also put on other events through A.i, a roaming pop-up series and Dimensions, multi-day events combining immersive art installations and warehouse parties. They feature over 180 shows per year with DJs such as FKJ, the late Virgil Abloh (in his first and only performance in D.C.), Black Coffee, the late SOPHIE, Gorgon City, Malaa, Dom Dolla, The Knocks, Tchami, Snakehips and others all playing.

Nü Androids has made a habit of doing big temporary events, including taking over an abandoned Macy’s at Art Basel in 2019. There are big plans coming in the future as well. A permanent venue is opening in DC in the summer. Nü Androids will be headed to Art Basel with an experiential music / art installation in Miami in December.

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