Miguel Migs and Jay-J, two stalwarts of the San Francisco House scene have had a profound influence on electronic dance music, from their West Coast digs, spanning across the globe. Their early beginnings at Moulton Studios, and famed SF institutions like the End-Up, gave rise to a tight, nu-disco sound heaped with elements of funk and soul and just the right amount of San Francisco psychedelica. 

With 20+ years of collaboration between the two dj / producers, Magnetic chatted with this iconic and influential pair ahead of their “Essential” party at Art Basel this weekend to chat about inspiration, studio technique, and some of their favorite projects to date. 

Nutritious: How did y’all meet?

Photo courtesy of Miguel Migs

Photo courtesy of Miguel Migs

Miguel Migs: It was sometime around the mid 90’s era time frame in SF, and we were both frequently playing a party called Kit-Kat at a venue called the End-Up, but one specific memory that comes to mind is that we were both renting studio time and working out of the same little recording studio our friend Tyler Stone had at the time. And that’s mainly how we first connected.

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