Credit: Justin Prinz

Credit: Justin Prinz

Sirus Hood is a French producer and DJ whose House tunes are signed to CUFF, Dirtybird, and Hot Creations and has held DJ residencies in Ibiza, London, and Paris. From the age of 10, his music tastes were driven by his older friends, who gave him mixtapes recorded in a legendary club in Algier. 

At the age of 18, he purchased his first vinyl turntables and quickly became a regular DJ at every Parisian club. From there, he became a self-taught producer, prepping the way for his new project under the alias we’ve come to know as Sirus Hood.

Ahead of Hot Creations’ seven-day takeover of Yacht Week as part of the epic 10 Year Anniversary world tour, we sat down with Sirus Hood to chat production, travel, sneakers, and the mix he provided us.

Have you ever played a DJ set on the high seas before?

I have played on many beaches in the world and cliffs. I also played on a boat in Buffalo, USA that was navigating onto the Canadian border and close to Niagara river that leads to the Niagara Falls, but never on the high seas which is very exciting for me. I feel that the vibe is more intense and energizing when we are surrounded by water. I love the sea so much.

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