Recording hums or beatboxing, or translating MIDI notes from one instrument to another, have been the standard way artists quickly capture creative ideas in the moment to re-record later. What if you could skip that step and immediately have usable, production-ready audio from any recording?

In growing beyond vocal models, instruments were the logical next step for us as the leading free AI music generator. Imagine playing a note on your guitar and having it instantly translated into a deep, resonating cello, or humming a tune and watching it transform into a symphony of strings or a powerful electronic bass beat. This is now possible with a single click.

Anyone can now dive deep into the infinite sound design potential with this tool. Want to generate AI music with a tune from a whisper? Mimic the sound of an instrument with your voice or let the model take the helm. Or, upload any input audio to experiment with the birth of never-before-heard sounds. 

The latest feature proudly launches with a burgeoning suite of instruments, from ethereal strings to pulsating modern bass sounds. It’s like having the best AI music generator right at your fingertips. Dive into the next era of music AI generator tooling that is not only free and versatile, but also pushes the boundaries of sound. Sign up today and immerse yourself in a music production experience at the vanguard of AI music generation with vocals and beyond: Try it here

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