Audamod's diffusers are truly a work of art for any studio

Audamod’s diffusers are truly a work of art for any studio

Sound diffusers are often the most underrated form of acoustic treatment, especially by newer producers. And while it can be easy to understand why sometimes, it’s a shame that even I didn’t start seeing the benefits of sound diffusion in my music studio until recently.

Newer producers often tend to gravitate towards sound absorption, which can be vital to treating a room or studio. But that’s the thing; they are only one piece to a much larger puzzle.

This is why diffusion is just as critical, if not more so, than absorption.

And after reviewing one of the custom pieces from Audomod, a company specializing in making quality and approachable diffusers, I decided that I’m never mixing in a room without diffusion again (at least if I can help it).

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How Do Sound Diffusers Work?

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