Jake Muir has released a new album of “soft-focus, sensual electro-concrète” on Sferic.

Bathhouse Blues is the result of months upon months of digging and research, with Muir utilizing not only awkward lines of dialog, but obscured foley sounds and mutated snippets of music.

Back in the ’70s, gay pornographic cinema was often accompanied by dreamy, kosmische soundtracks and hypnotic gusts of synthetic sound. Muir takes this as a starting point, subliming his elements even further and stitching an erotic dream from ticking clocks, roaring engines, bedraggled moans, and haunted, narcotic drones.

The album follows 2020’s the hum of your veiled voice, a romantic, neo-noir set of nocturnal rattles and rumbles, also on the Manchester, England label.


01. Cruisin’ 87
02. Pipe Dream

Bathhouse Blues is available now. You can stream it below.

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