There are a LOT of meditation apps out there that are designed to wring out your stress and send you off to sleep with the sheep, or at least not have to count them. Most of these apps function the same; you hear some soothing voice whisper affirmations or soundscapes of rain forests and other relaxing sounds to help your mind unwind and bring about a state of presence.

Endel is a relatively new app that has hit the market with a bit more edge and thoughtful curation attached that will pique the interest of the electronic music fan. They kicked off with a soundscape collaboration that was done with Richie Hawtin’s legendary Plastikman alias (see below).

From there on out, Endel set the bar and, without question, became the coolest and most forward-thinking mindfulness app out there. They have just commissioned a  collection of incredible albums from forward-thinking artists to showcase the platform’s overall vibe.

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