best plugins for techno production

Producing dance music is an entirely different monster than producing other genres of music. Because dance music thrives on nuance in the sound, groove, texture, and sound design way more than more commercial genres.

This means the tools you use to produce dance music must be the best!

And nobody knows this better than Madrid-based DJ & producer James de Torres, whose latest release is a masterclass in everything that can be achieved through this style of music production. So let’s listen to the track and then have James explain how it came together…

Stream James de Torres’s Latest Single Below

Behemoth-Parallel Dimension

released on Paul Thomas’ UV NOIR, James de Torres’ latest single bridges the gap between underground dance music and melodic progressive. It’s dark and ominous just as much as melodic and emotional. 

It achieves everything that techno initially set out to do but does it in a way only James de Torres can. Pushing the boundaries of what constitutes modern dance music, this recent release is a true work of art. 

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