James Flower

James Flower

Sometimes, a simple remix isn’t enough to bring new perspectives and dimensions to an amazing single. On rare occasions, the track needs to be completely rebuilt from the ground up, allowing the “remixer” to inject more of themselves and their sounds into the core of the song. They need to re-imagine what the track entirely is. 

That is exactly what Lisdon-based producer James Flower did to Moullinex & Xinobi’s track “Imaginary Numbers” which was released back in 2021. The original mix was a pivotal track in the compilation that the label, Discotexas, included it on. 

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The original mix of the song features a dark and brooding rolling bass line and ominous counter melodies that make it a dazzling and effective club record. But James Flower’s re-imagine takes that infectious melody and reinvents it entirely.

The end result is a track that is explosive, anthemic, listful, and uplifting; all without the peak-team power of the original mix. And while the core of the track, its identity, remains intact; James Flower’s re-imagine brings entirely new context and aspects to the release that begs to be listened to again and included in all your favorite playlists.

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