MEYA, a well-being, music and meditation platform, has named Jamie Jones and Lee Burridge (check out our recent interview with the All Day I Dream boss here) as new equity partners, with both artists set to contribute tracks and remixes to the platform’s ‘Music Mind Journeys’ series.

Building on electronic music’s ability to trigger states of deep presence, elevation, and connectedness, similar to those achieved through meditation, MEYA seeks to harness sound frequencies and rhythmic arrangements in its meditation approach.

Each stage of the MEYA journey – Music, Mind, and Awakening – is enriched with binaural beats and is recorded in 432hz, a healing frequency used in ancient traditions that facilitates relaxation and alleviates physical and emotional stress.

“What I like about MEYA is that I’ve always found the different frequencies that are used to record music very interesting,” Jamie Jones commenced. “I came across 432hz a few years before I discovered the MEYA app. I was really intrigued to find out whether your body did feel differently listening to music tuned to this frequency. I noticed I only had to meditate for half as long to get the same feeling.

“I felt that the combination of mediation and the sounds available made it much easier and more effective in a shorter period of time. It definitely feels like you get more out of it without having to be as advanced or meditate for as long.”

The Hot Creations boss has contributed the track Choice to the platform, while Lee Burridge’s contribution is a remix of Float On, from the collaborative 2019 album Melt.

MEYA founder Raffaele Ricci said that the platform was “very excited” to have Jones and Burridge on board, “sharing the same vision to create electronic music to help mental and spiritual well-being.

“Our aim is to make meditation as easy and enjoyable as listening to a song and extend ‘beyond meditation’ by sharing practices and insights to help unleash the inner power that we all have inside. Our mission is to help our users achieve an empowered and awakened mindset, equipping them with the tools to transform any life challenge into an opportunity.”

More information on MEYA can be found here.

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