Swiftly after the release of his Jensen & Friends LP, Jensen Interceptor returns with his first solo release in over three years. ‘Thermaic Rise’ is a fast-paced, peak-time explosion of rhythm and grooves that traverses juke, breaks, tribal, deconstructed club, and experimental techno. 

The EP is named after the Thermaic Gulf in Greece, where part of Jensen’s family hails from, and the inspiration goes deeper than just the title. Jensen has delved into the sounds, both ancient and modern, of his motherland. Whether sampling sounds from some of his favourite Thessaloniki-based drill artists or incorporating live recordings of the Lyra and Pandura, he has woven these elements into the architectural fabric of all four tracks, along with all the humour, charm & hallmarks we would come to expect from the Berlin-based one-man club-banger machine.

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