Jiminy Hop Remixes himself on his latest where the heart is release

Jiminy Hop’s latest release features the original mix and the artist’s remix of his own track.

Remixing a track for another artist is common place in the world of dance music. Bringing another artist on board for the release is a great way to get more attention to the track, add a new vibe and mood to the release, and offer a promotional platform for other artists. 

But have you ever thought about remixing your own track?

Because remixing your own song has a ton of hidden benefits that go far beyond the conventional approaches to remixing. And nobody knows this better than Jiminy Hop. 

Jiminy Hop recently had a release on David Hohme’s Where The Heart Is Records which included an original mix of his latest track ‘Feeling Alive’ alongside a remix by none other than… Jiminy Hop. 

Listen to the differences between the two versions below, as we will be discussing them even more in depth throughout the length of this article. We’ve also included a few more places to stream it throughout the piece so the comparisons are easy to reference. 

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