Amsterdam-based artist Joep Mencke follows up two stunning singles with the release of his feature-length debut album ‘Unalome’. With ‘Su’ and ‘Sabda’ already out in the open, Joep returns to unveil the surrounding tracks in this melodically focused and intrinsic body of works. 

Released on Dutch imprint Klassified on 14th October, Mencke’s ‘Unalome’ pays tribute to the Buddhist path to enlightenment. Passing through 11 individual emotions, much like stages, the journey from cover to cover of ‘Unalome’ is one that connects to Joep in more than just a conceptual way. 

Joep Mencke

Joep Mencke

How do you manage your carbon footprint on the road?

I have to say this is something I am extremely mindful of since the lifestyle I have is not always the most sustainable. However, I also believe that while I may the price of a higher carbon footprint, I use music to make a better and more positive contribution to the world. That being said, whenever possible I always favour alternative modes of transportation, choosing the train for example. When it comes to intercontinental flights, I always make sure that there are multiple gigs lined up, thereby staying longer in the country. That way I am not just flying for one event only. I also always make sure that I offset my carbon footprint for as many flights, if not every flight, I take.

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