John Tejada has teamed up with German saxophonist Ulrich Krieger for Silversonic, a four-track EP on Palette Recordings.

Tejada and Krieger discovered their mutual love for techno during a student portfolio review at CalArts. Tejada was excited to learn that Krieger had attended Tresor in Berlin in his early years, and shared that he had played and even contributed a remix to a Tresor release. Soon after, the two artists tried creating something together.

Krieger recorded a catalogue of saxophone and contrabass-clarinet sounds for Tejada, which included long tones, air sounds, key clicks, and other so-called extended woodwind sounds, which are all acoustic, but have a quasi-electronic quality to them. Tejada began writing an original piece, using and re-working—almost exclusively, apart from some drums and sub-bass—the acoustically-created sounds that Krieger had provided. He sent his raw track back to Krieger, who would overdub, replace, and add material and send it back to Tejada. After passing it back and forth a few times, “Silversonic” was completed.

The original version of “Silversonic,” a techno track that charts a journey from epic, melodic swells to pummelling hi-hats, is a blend of Tejada’s electronic production and Krieger’s saxophones and clarinet. It features Krieger’s signature blend of microphonics, a specialized playing style involving microphones and feedback that he is known for.

Rounding off the EP are two remixes from Josh Wink, who makes his first appearance on Palette. His first interpretation builds on the work of the original, adding a driving kick drum and a layered melodic build of synths that compliments Krieger’s playing. Wink’s second interpretation reduces his remix into a more DJ-friendly rhythmic version.

Tejada and Krieger have also shared a beatless mix, which focuses on Krieger’s playing and arrangement.


01. Silversonic
02. Silversonic (Josh Wink Interpretation)
03. Silversonic (Beatless)
04. Silversonic (Josh Wink Dub Interpretation)

Silversonic is available now, with a full stream below. You can order it here.

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