Having marked his return to production last year, Jon Carter has unveiled a new 11-track album, Medication Time, which has just been released on Jack Said What.

It’s the former Monkey Mafia maestro’s first long player in 25 years, and includes recent singles Finish Him!!l, Brothers & Sisters and Mighty Horses – the latter of which, featuring vocals by Betty Steeles, was one of his first productions on his return to dance music.

“I wanted to explore a deceptively simple, driving, pleasing, engaging electronic rhythm, with a breakdown that suddenly disorientates the listener by losing the kick-drum, with a sonic drop into the chaotic sound of the urban maelstrom we leave behind when we are on the dancefloor,” Carter says of the track.

“Suddenly, it snaps you back into the escape of the disco, with the call to the prescription — Medication Time.”

As Carter explained to 909originals in a lengthy interview last year, his return to production was really a case of him “starting from scratch” once again, having parked his music career for a life in the pub and hospitality industry in the late 90s.

“I feel more at home making music now, than I did when I left it all those years ago,” he says. “Music has saved me, helping me more than any medication.

To be able to create music again is a blessing. It is an escape, and an entrance to other worlds at the same time. The sheer joy of music alone is a reason to live. I am so thankful.”

The album also features a tribute to the late Andrew Weatherall – Sail We Must – who Carter cites as a friend and musical inspiration.

“In short, whether he likes it or not, Andrew changed the course of my life through his music. I like to think he would like this piece, and that it is deserving of the name,” he says.

You can download/stream Jon Carter – Medication Time by clicking here.

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