Peter O’Grady, better known as Joy Orbison, will release his first ever long-form project on XL Recordings.

still slipping vol. 1 is a 14-track mixtape of previously unheard tracks featuring Herron, James Massiah, Bathe, Léa Sen, Goya Gumbani, and Tyson. He recorded it in his Walworth Window studio in southeast London and describes it as “serious, future-facing sound system music cut through with a sense of warmth and playfulness much needed for these times.”

“I’ve been working on the idea of a mixtape for a while now,” O’Grady says. “I’d never really wanted to make an album, but the way I’ve been making and listening to music has changed a lot over the last few years and it doesn’t always make sense on a single or EP. I also had this realisation that I wish my records were better suited to soundtracking people’s bus journeys but so far I’ve only really given you enough music to get half way up Walworth road!”

O’Grady made a point of making the record “feel really human, light-hearted, and humorous” in places so that the weirder bits of the record “don’t seem too wanky or self-indulgent.” He’s even included voice notes from various family members. “In my head this is a soul record but I’m not sure that’s how people will hear it,” he adds.

On the record’s cover, O’Grady has chosen a photo of his cousin Leighann who introduced him to jungle, drum & bass, and UK garage at a young age. “Without her I wouldn’t be doing what I do today,” he says.

The title takes its name from O’Grady’s Slipping EP and his curated radio station, Still Slipping: Los Santos, in Grand Theft Auto V.


01. w/ dad & frankie
02. sparko (w/ herron)
03. swag w/ kav (w/ james messiah & bathe)
04. better (w/ léa sen)
05. bernard?
06. runnersz
07. ‘rraine (w/ edna)
08. glorious amateurs
09. s gets jaded
10. froth sipping
11. layer 6
12. in drink
13. playground (w/ goya gumbani)
14. born slipping (w/ tyson)

still slipping vol. 1 is scheduled for August 13 release. Meanwhile, you can pre-order it here.

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