“Travelling in the fastlane
future techno on my brain
nothing stays the same
but human I’ll remain…”

Detroit techno pioneer Juan Atkins has revived his legendary act Cybotron to release a new EP on Tresor Records, Maintain The Golden Ratio.

The EP is the first new release from Cybotron, in 28 years, and was produced by Atkins alongside Laurens von Oswald.

The Cybotron project was conceived in the early 1980s by Atkins and Rik Davis, with early releases blending themes such as philosophy, science fiction, and mechanical engineering, as the pair set about reshaping electronic music.

Cybotron also helped establish the now ingrained Detroit-Berlin Axis, from Metroplex to the iconic Tresor vault, which in turn became the catalyst for the global spread of techno as we know it.

As a press release to accompany the new release puts it, ‘In today’s era of cyberculture and meta-expression, Cybotron resurfaces to embody the very core of techno. Juan Atkins‘ revitalisation of Cybotron showcases a profound grasp of techno’s origins and its evolving potential.

‘This transformative update resurrects his initial vision of DIY electronically reengineered music, etched onto the grooves of a 12″ vinyl, poised to imprint the neural pathways of eager minds. The return of Cybotron pays homage to its pioneering legacy and affirms the lasting impact of Detroit Techno.’

The lead track from the EP, Maintain, has been released and can be listened to below. The Maintain The Golden Ratio EP is released on 13 October, and can be pre-ordered here.

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