Berlin’s rising star Julien Bracht has released his new long-awaited and highly anticipated EP “Rave Flower” via System Records

This four-track EP is a flash from the past for some, with ecstasy-driven moments, euphoria, and thunderous techno rhythms throughout reminding you of that original rave sound that started a revolution. “Rave Flower” is an ode to the glory days of rave, bringing together Bracht’s immaculate ability to create sound autonomous within his hometown.

Nostalgia meets thunderous modern techno..

Kick-starting the EP with ‘Across The Ocean’, a track that develops from start to finish with classic techno beats and composed with the famous Prophet 6 which brings out this true nostalgic electronic energy. It kicks off the EP perfectly, expressing a sound that makes your mind wander. 

The first track serves as a melodic calm before the storm, as it’s followed by ‘Don’t Chase Your Enemies’ – a thunderous sound with a more acid techno style. This four-to-the-floor techno track is peppered with alienated-sounding bass-synth sequencers and eerie-sounding rim shots.

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The sound throughout this EP demonstrates Julien’s evolution as an artist. His first musical experience was being a drummer, playing for hypnotic post-rock duo Lea Porcelain. His transition from expressive rock music to the dark corners of the electronic scene is something highly fascinating yet chilling at the same time. 

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