Roland is the leading global manufacturer of electronic musical instruments widely recognized for its game-changer products in the electronic drum world under its V-Drums brand and, more recently, with its innovative V-Drums Acoustic Design (“VAD”) series of products. 

Drum Workshop is widely recognized as the global leader in acoustic drums and percussion and designs, manufacture, and sells an industry-leading portfolio of brands, including DW Drums and Hardware, Pacific Drums and Percussion (PDP), Latin Percussion (LP), Gretsch Drums and Slingerland.

The announcement comes during anniversary years for the two brands celebrating fifty years in operation.

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The combination of expertise and reach of Roland and Drum Workshop will unleash the next generation of breakthrough acoustic and electronic drums and percussion products, accelerate product development, and push the boundaries of innovation for drummers.

Drum Workshop CEO Chris Lombardi and co-founders Don Lombardi and John Good will continue to serve in their existing capacities at the company, focusing on creating products that inspire drummers everywhere.

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