Following her debut album on Aus in 2020, Berlin’s Cinthie marks another milestone in her career delivering the latest installment of the esteemed DJ-Kicks compilation series for !K7 Records due out April 1st.

Berlin-based producer, DJ, record store owner and head honcho of numerous labels, Cinthie, has long been a key figure in the House scene. Her career in the industry dates back decades, working behind the desk of a record store in Saarbrücken near Frankfurt and as a resident DJ at several clubs in the city. Now in 2021 the highly acclaimed artist has well and truly cemented herself as a driving force for the contemporary house scene, releasing material on the likes of her own 803 Crystal Grooves, Aus, Shall Not Fade, Key Vinyl and taking crates from Tokyo to Paris, London, Amsterdam and beyond with her DJ sets as well as regular appearances on her home turf and clubbing mecca, Berlin. Cinthie feels like “DJ-Kicks is a milestone in every artist’s career’’ and told us “When putting my track list together, I wanted to make sure to shine a light on my old heroes as well as the new kids in the game”.

With Cinthie’s DJ Kicks compilation she chose to represent the depth of her love of all things house while offering a nuanced representation of the artists putting their hearts and souls into it. The collection features musicians and producers from all corners of the globe, and in true Cinthie fashion there are a number of exclusives from her friends. In Cinthie’s own words “Staying true to myself with my DJ Kicks and highlighting my absolute fav producers at the moment, most of them I call friends and they are working really hard and are very loved and well known, especially in our circle of the music scene. I hope the listeners will enjoy their music as much as I do. Taking the listeners on a journey through house music was my main goal for my DJ Kicks. Showing them all sides of house music. From Deep to Detroit, from banging to smooth, from jazzy to stomping, from Disco to Chicago, from dubby to big room”.

Throughout the 24 track selection Cinthie welcomes some of her heroes and pioneers from Chicago, New York and Detroit like Boo Williams, Amir Alexander, Terrence Parker and the late Paul Johnson as well as shining a light on some of the upcoming female talent of the scene today such as Amy Dabbs, Logic1000, Lis Sarocca, Anna Wall and an exclusive track from herself. Also amongst the selection is music from some of Cinthie’s favourite producers regularly making their way into her DJ sets from the likes of Tokyo legend Shinichiro Yokota, Colombian artist Felipe Gordon and heavyweight house head Adryiano, whilst also shining a light on further rising talents such as HDSN, St David, Niles Cooper and Camion Bazar amongst others.

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