Kelly Moran will release a new album next month on Warp.

Moves in the Field moves away from the prepared piano techniques which defined Moran’s earlier works like 2017’s Bloodroot and her 2018 Warp debut, Ultraviolet. Instead, Moran “returns to her roots” using the natural sound of an acoustic piano.

We’re told to expect a “series of duets” for Moran and her Yamaha Disklavier, a technologically advanced version of a self-playing piano.

Moran began working with the Disklavier in early 2020 when she was commissioned to compose a piano duet for herself and composer Missy Mazzoli. Yamaha Music loaned Moran a Disklavier piano so she could hear in real time what her duet would sound like without another pianist there to perform with her.

After the pandemic hit, Moran composed in isolation. During a time when she was unable to play music with other collaborators, the Disklavier became her “beloved duet partner,” we’re told, removing the limits of physicality thanks to the instrument’s motorized existence.

The album is influenced by contemporary classical artists like Philip Glass, John Luther Adams, Olga Bell, Julia Wolfe, and David Lang, as well as alternative and electronic artists like Aleksi Perala, Telefon Tel Aviv, and Tori Amos.


01. Butterfly Phase
02. Superhuman
03. Don’t Trust Mirrors
04. Dancer Polynomials
05. Sodalis (II)
06. Leitmotif
07. It’s Okay to Disappear
08. Hypno
09. Moves in the Field
10. Solar Flare

Moves in the Field LP is scheduled for March 29 release. Meanwhile, you can stream an album teaser below and pre-order here.

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