“Final Departure” is the debut album by J-Shadow, a widescreen vision expanding out on an event horizon before us.

Built using influences from London’s rich electronic, pirate radio and black music lineages (jungle, grime, hip hip, electronica etc), the album twists and turns, lifting listeners up towards a more ethereal plane.

“I see beauty in the complexity of life from the cosmic scale to the quantum,” he explains. “From all that we can observe, this world stands as a uniquely multifarious sphere in which we just happen to exist.” “I love to take ideas and attempt to conceptualise them into an audible expedition,” he explains. “I find that music serves as an extraordinary medium to project my perception of the universe.”

“Sometimes I will reach for certain influences and deconstruct them into an amalgamation of conscious experiences that reflect my vision of how I see the world.”


Keysound Recordings

J-Shadow – Final Departure

Release Date:

29 April 2022


Vinyl, Digital


01. Final Departure

02. Parallel Worlds

03. Chronic (The Ascent)


05. Vital Essence

06. Be Mine

07. Altered Memoirs


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