YAP, the brainchild of Kollektiv Turmstrasse, started in Berlin and expanded over the years throughout Europe. It’s well-known for its diverse line-ups, featuring both established and emerging talents, honouring the core ideals of electronic music. Now, YAP is set to take over Amsterdam, Warsaw, and Hamburg.

YAP, presented by Kollektiv Turmstrasse, is about more than just music. The popular event series promises to uphold the high levels of quality and inclusiveness it stands for. As with everything Turmstrasse creates, there is a distinct focus on diversity; this encompasses music, lineups and audience. This will be complemented by a carefully considered selection of venues, high-quality sound and a state-of-the-art AV show. Above all else, though, is an ethos rooted in warmth, collective positivity and the communal integration that has been critical to dance music since its very beginning.

The lineups for all YAP events are carefully curated by Turmstrasse involving long-time friends and his heroes. Artists who’ll be joining for the next editions include leading figures, such as DJ Boring, Ross From Friends, Elkka, Alinka and Eclair Fifi, paired with influential up-and-coming stars like Lovefoxy, gome, Moody Mehran, and Miura. The combination of newer talent and established artists reflecting all sides of House music guarantees a distinct energy, further reinforcing YAP’s unique identity.

The first round of YAP events in 2024 will take place in Warsaw’s ‘Praga Centrum’, ‘Het Sieraad’ in Amsterdam and the infamous ‘Uebel & Gefährlich’ in Turmstrasse’s hometown, Hamburg.

YAP represents a safe and welcoming space where positive self-expression and the unified energy of the dance floor are central to the atmosphere, free from the boundaries of genres, styles and fads. YAP stands for “You Are Perfect” and is a concept built around the core foundations of dance music culture – inclusivity, diversity, open-mindedness, community and love. The music policy of YAP reflects the versatile, multifaceted output of Kollektiv Turmstrasse. From house to breaks to techno, with influences from old-school rave to modern eclectic sounds.

It’s time to dance together again… YAP is back, and the message remains the same: No matter who you are and where you’re from, You Are Perfect. This is YAP!

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