Korg Volca FM2

Initially released in 2016, Korg’s Volca FM was an affordable synth for those looking for that classic FM sound. The Korg Volca FM was a compact and travel-friendly way to get those tinny mallet sounds, pads, and resonant FM basses that defined the sounds of some of the most popular records of the 80s.

Korg recently released an upgraded version of this DX7-inspired FM machine by releasing the Volca FM2 after hearing the overwhelmingly positive response of the original Volca unit.

And the latest iteration offers a whole new slew of features that expand upon all of the most popular features of the original unit. We’re talking twice the amount of polyphony, free software, better MIDI functionality, and an incredible-sounding reverb.

So let’s dive into our review of Korg’s latest release and discover whether or not this is the perfect budget synth to add to your music studio.

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