After a successful 2023 Berlin Edition, which brought together an impressive roster of artists and cultural enthusiasts, ICKPA is thrilled to announce its next exciting venture – ICKPA: New York September 23. The festival is all set to make its debut in the United States with a captivating showcase at Public Records. This event marks a significant milestone for ICKPA as it spreads its unique sound and philosophy across continents.

The ICKPA festival, known for its boundary-pushing approach to electronic music and its emphasis on cultural exchange, recently concluded its three-day Berlin Edition. Drawing in nearly 50 artists, hosting two panel discussions, broadcasting two radio shows, and featuring a captivating concept edition of OFF-ICKPA, the Berlin event showcased the festival’s dedication to creativity, diversity, and artistic excellence.

In collaboration with Public Records, a cutting-edge venue known for its commitment to exceptional music experiences, ICKPA aims to create an event that transcends boundaries and resonates with both local and international audiences. The showcase promises to be a one-of-a-kind celebration of artistic expression, cultural diversity, and the power of music to unite people from all walks of life.

To make the event an even more unforgettable experience, the team is collaborating with i am u are – the largest platform for promoting & empowering Ukrainian creative economy & talents. The project debuted in NYC in March 2023 with a large-scale showcase.

‘i am u are’ is joining the event with an exclusive pop-up corner featuring a striking selection hand-picked specifically for ICKPA: New York — fashion, craft, and product design pieces from cutting-edge Ukrainian brands and creators. Guests will be welcome to explore one of a kind items from PIECEOFSHIRTZirochka Ukraine, Syndicate Kyiv, Anton Belinskiy, ASSHA, KAPKAN Shop, Aerobika Athleisure, Come a Casa, Nadiia, Muscut, Osnovy Publishing, Booksha Publishing, 89books, Ohshitdesign,Transistor Resistor, Medovi Svichky, Pershozviri, Pottery Park, Spadok Studio and more.

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