getting your vocals featured

While vocalists have never been more in demand by producers, vying for vocal placements in the dance music industry is still fiercely competitive. 

And if you are an up-and-coming singer, or even an established one looking for more paid gigs and opportunities, you can never have enough advice from the pros on how to land amazing placements and features for yourself. 

lau.ra is one such vocalist who has been doing the work for many years now, slowly chipping away at her discography and list and features. Each song has built upon the last as she works her way through the industry by collaborating with top-tier producers and talent. And with the latest release, a collaboration track with the legendary dance music pioneer Sasha, we wanted to pick her brain for the best pieces of advice she has to offer. 

Stream ‘Burnt Letters’ By lau.ra Below

In true Sasha fashion, the track is a club roller that is as delicate as it is impactful. The subtle ambiance lau.ra’s vocals bring to the track elevates the song to new heights, as the repetitious keening doubles down on the reproachful aesthetic of the track. 

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