SVCRED 808 Shirt

Whether it’s a short and punch 808 kick drum in house music or a long-tailed and booming 808 bass line in trap and hip-hop, the iconic and floor-shaking sound of an 808 synth is the secret sauce to making a dance floor go crazy. 

But there’s the problem…

If you’re only conventionally using 808s, you’ll never stand out from the sea of other producers and artists doing the same thing. 

But lucky for you, we are here and have curated a dope list of excellent tutorials that will teach you how to break the mold and start using 808s in ways nobody ever would have expected. 

Looking For More High-Level Production Tips? We Got You…

Turing An 808 Into A Fierce Growl

A hallmark of getting ‘less from more’ in your productions is finding a way for a single element to serve more than one purpose. Better yet, have one sound morph into something completely different as the track evolves. 

This tutorial shows Point Blank Online how to turn a conventional 808 sample into an aggressive growl sound. 

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