Lee Gamble will release A Million Pieces of You, a new album that completes his Flush Real Pharynx project on British label Hyperdub.

Gamble, who contributed to our Influences podcast series in 2018, kicked off Flush Real Pharynx in 2019 with In A Paraventral Scale, which he followed with Exhaust. The triptych loosely explores three stages of the Semioblitz, the aggressive onslaught of visual and sonic stimuli of contemporary cities and virtual spaces. He wrote all the music at a time when the subjective experience of overload had come to a halt, giving way to an overbearing sense of loss, burnout, and a “desperate need for hope.” In contrast to the previous records, A Million Pieces of You‘s seven tracks feel “more reflective” and “more human,” we’re told.

Fans of the triptych will be able to pick up the complete set on CD from September 10. A Million Pieces of You will be available digitally first, with a vinyl release to follow on November 5.


01. Balloon Lossy
02. Newtown Got Folded
03. Obsession Model
04. Empty Middle Seat
05. You Left A Space
06. Hyperpassive
07. Balloon Copy

A Million Pieces Of You LP is scheduled for September 10 release digitally. Meanwhile, you can stream “Hyperpassive” in full below, and pre-order here.

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