Hip-hop is often a genre dominated by braggadocious lyrics and a blowing-money-fast lifestyle. And while this may work for many rappers trying to carve out a niche in this industry, the majority of up-and-coming artists soon find that it isn’t working like it used to.

On the other hand, Lil Tony Rose is taking a fresh approach by putting heartfelt lyrics and vulnerability at the forefront of his sound, resulting in a new perspective on what modern hip-hop currently sounds like. 

And the stats aren’t lying…

The young Texan lyricist has already amassed hundreds of thousands of streams across the various DPS, and his fanbase just can’t seem to get enough. Even though LTR has only released two albums, the vision shares a central and clearly defined theme: love. In addition, they contain LilTonyRose’s popular single Ain’t Stressin and other notable fan favorites. 

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The new album, Inward Places of My Soul, is bringing new additions to the list, starting with one of his latest singles, Addiction. The album, which he says contains his best work yet, is available on all music streaming platforms.

While commenting on his motivation for going a different route than rappers typically go, LilTonyRose says it stems from his unique story and personal experiences. 

“I almost died at the age of 9 from a motorcycle crash, leaving me in a coma for two weeks to heal. In addition, I suffered a laceration of the liver and a skull fracture,” LilTonyRose explains. 

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