If you’re late to the party, welcome to the world of Live Coding! 

DJ_Dave is one of the premiere artists coming from the Live Coding world; one composed of experimenters, teachers, enthusiasts, and with the highest honors intended, nerds. DJ_Dave got her start through a happy accident when she stumbled on a class in college that advertised “Coding + Music = Algorave.” 

She took a chance on it, as it sounded pretty cool, and fell in love nearly immediately. 

Fast forward a little to COVID lockdown, DJ_Dave dove headfirst into honing her expertise in Sonic Pi, building her performance chops at Algoraves, and preparing herself to take music seriously as a career. 

And now what is she up to? 

She’s flying all around the country to open for eye-popping DJs and musicians, and playing private parties for people you wouldn’t believe.  

We dive into her journey into DJ_Dave’s journey into Live Coding, and the Algorave world as a whole, in the interview below. Ahead of that interview we’ve got her brand new single “Castles,” in all its lushy goodness.  But first, let’s dip our own toes in a little. What exactly is “Live Coding” and how does it work?

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