If any of you know Max Cooper’s Mesh imprint you will understand the quality of music released and the level set by previous artists. Llyr (it’s a name from Welsh mythology) has just released his first album, ‘Biome’ on Mesh.

The release really is a special release, as the reviews are reflecting, where the myriad of living sounds from the Borneo jungle have been captured in binaural format and reworked into electronic forms in a way that still holds the essence of being there. It’s a listening experience you really need to kick back and embrace. The A-side presents the musical version of the natural locations, and the B-side turns to human destruction of that nature, with heavier electronics, still built from those natural sound sources.

This really is a special LP that has to be listened to and appreciated in full.

You can listen to ‘Winged Chamber Music’ from the LP below:

You can listen to/buy the LP HERE

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