Los Angeles’ Dylan Moon will release his second album on RVNG Intl.

Sonically, Option Explore provides a significant departure from Moon’s album debut, 2019 Only the Blues, which at its heart is a folk record from the fringes of psychedelia. With a careful study of synth-pop and a penchant for warped guitar grooves, Moon arrives at something “deeply futuristic in its disregard for genre sanctity,” we’re told.

We can expect a “glassy-eyed survey of pop’s playing field both past and present,” and a collection of “colorful songs filtered through frequencies, timbres, and dreams.”

A guiding principle for the album was the “explore/exploit trade-off” concept, which is to say the choice between exploiting a familiar option for a known reward and exploring unfamiliar options for unknown rewards.

Across 13 tracks, Moon uses what he calls “exploratory foraging” as a manifesto for song construction, creating music “without end” and “without limit.” All this goes to say that many of these tracks avoid conclusive compositional conventions and sound more like turning a radio dial than pressing preset play. Tracks begin at what feels like a midpoint and fade out with little warning.

Alongside the announcement, Moon has shared “Deep Time,” a piece of sticky electronica, and “10 Apples.”


01. 10 Apples
02. Spandex Simple
03. Creaking
04. Plot Points
05. Deep Time
06. Hmm
07. Understand
08. I-80
09. Fortuna
10. Again
11. Dröm
12. Look
13. Hello Mirage

Option Explore LP is scheduled for June 17 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “10 Apples” and “Deep Time” in full below and pre-order here.

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