Los Angeles label Peak Oil will release Invariant, a new album from Hoavi.

Hoavi is the alias of Kirill Vasin, a rising artist born in Kineshma who has been living and working on music in St. Petersburg, Russia since 2008. He put out Phobia Airlines on Fauxpas Musik in 2018. While his sound is rooted in early ’90s UK rave, with these eight tracks we can expect “emotive and intricate homages” to “the “slippery nature of genre.” They were intended for pre-pandemic release.

Invariant is the first album that Peak Oil has put out since 2019.


01. Flay
02. Tessera
03. Dver
04. Dyson Garden
05. Hayabusa
06. Memoryscape
07. Sava
08. Streamline

Invariant LP is scheduled for October 8 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Flay” and “Dver” below, and pre-order here.

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