Light in the Attic Records, in cooperation with Laurie Anderson and the Lou Reed Archive, will present a definitive reissue of Reed’s Hudson River Wind Meditations.

Originally released in 2007, the album provides the best example of Reed’s decades-long exploration into drone and ambient music. It’s Reed’s final solo album before he died in 2013.

The ambient compositions were initially created for Reed’s personal use, to accompany spoken-word meditations that his acupuncturist recorded for him. Over time, they transformed into music for Reed’s Tai Chi and yoga practices. Eventually, the artist chose to share them with his fans, crafting them into an album with the late producer Hal Willner.

Hudson River Wind Meditations is comprised of four parts: “Move Your Heart” and “Find Your Note,” both of which clock in at around 30 minutes each, plus two shorter selections: “Hudson River Wind (Blend the Ambience)” and “Wind Coda.”

“Listening to Hudson River Wind Meditations as a whole piece is moving through several modes and states of a 65-minute meditation,” explains Reed’s wife, artist Laurie Anderson.

The recording have been produced for re-release by GRAMMY®-nominated producers Laurie Anderson, Don Fleming, Jason Stern, Matt Sullivan, and Hal Willner; restored by GRAMMY®-winning engineer Steve Rosenthal; and remastered by the GRAMMY®-nominated engineer John Baldwin.

Also included in the physical editions is a conversation conducted between journalist Jonathan Cott and Anderson, who discusses Hudson River Wind Meditations, as well as her husband’s devotion to Tai Chi, one of the album’s primary inspirations.

Hudson River Wind Meditations marks the latest release in Light in the Attic Records’s Lou Reed Archival Series. You can read more about that here.

Hudson River Wind Meditations Tracklist (Double Vinyl) 

Side A
01. Move Your Heart

Side B
01. Move Your Heart, Part II

Side C
01. Find Your Note

Side D
01. Find Your Note, Part II
02. Hudson River Wind (Blend the Ambiance)
03. Wind Coda

Hudson River Wind Meditations will land on January 12, 2024. Meanwhile, you can stream an unboxing video below and pre-order here.

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