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Röyksopp’s latest Profound Mysteries III album was just released, and the critics are already hailing it with countless positive reviews. 

So much goes into releasing such an artistic endeavor as this that we often forget to take time for the deeper meaning and stories that connect the album, the songs, and the artists. This goes as much for the fans and listeners as it does for the artists.  

So to flip the script and celebrate the release of their new album, we invited Röyksopp to break down the full lyrics of one of their hits and provide a bit more context and meaning to the lyrics of “Tell Him.”

Stream Profound Mysteries III Below 

Berge and Brundtland describe Profound Mysteries as as the most significant undertaking of Röyksopp’s career. It encapsulates the unique sound they’ve spent decades honing and expands on. It’s a bold look to the future and an homage to the artists, genres, and musical movements that first inspired them. 

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