lyrics to brooklyn friday love

On the horizon is The Midnight’s Heroes album, and the singles and updates continue to pour in about their tour, the album, and artistic productions.

So much goes into releasing an album that, too often, we forget to take time for the deeper meaning behind the songs and stories of the album itself. This goes just as much for the artists themselves as it does for their fans

Album Announcement: The Midnight Announce Heroes

But we will flip the script and slow things down for their latest release, the fourth single titled ‘Brooklyn. Friday. Love.’ that is the fourth single off their album.

We had a chance to sit down with Tyler of The Midnight and asked him the simple question…

‘Share with us the story being the lyrics of this song.’

Tyler spoke at length about his New York experience, love, familiar places, and the other little moments in life that came together to write the lyrics that turned into ‘Brooklyn. Friday. Love.’

Stream “Brooklyn. Friday. Love” Now

If you haven’t yet, take a few listens to the song itself. 

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