Mabe Fratti has teamed up with German producer Gudrun Gut and on a “powerful hybrid album” for Umor Rex.

Fratti and Gut recorded Let’s Talk About The Weather between Berlin, Uckermark, Veracruz, and Mexico City. Building a dialogue between two lands and two artists, it’s intended as a celebration of Umor Rex’s 15th anniversary. Mexico is the origin and conceptual residence of the label, but Germany is where they manufacture their records.

The album process started with Fratti and Gut having long distance conversations, asking about their whereabouts and discussing the weather. This might seem rather commonplace, but it works as a key thematic component for the entire album: the weather as the new great unknown, perceived through the optics of everyday life. Sound files were exchanged, with Fratti exploring words and vocals, and Gut working with field recordings taken from each city. In the end, the venture provided “a healing effect for both artists during life in quarantine.”

We’re told that “taut rhythms fuse with haunted vocal melodies and spoken-word, and field recordings meld with extended ambient pieces.”

Alongside today’s announcement, Umor Rex has shared “Aufregend”, the opening track of the album, which reflects upon a general lack of excitement in modern life. It wonders what the future might hold. Is it cold? Is it warm? Will it be the same?

Fratti is a cellist based in Mexico City. After various low-profile live performances across Guatemala and Mexico, she signed to Hole Records for her gorgeous debut album, Pies Sobre La Tierra. You can read more about her work here.

Artwork and photos come from Daniel Castrejón in Mexico City.


01. Aufregend
02. El Cielo Responde
03. Walk
04. In D
05. Air Condition
06. Let’s talk about the weather I
07. Let’s talk about the weather II
08. Let’s talk about the weather III
09. Let’s talk about the weather IV

Let’s Talk About The Weather LP is scheduled for August 20 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Aufregend” in full below and pre-order here.

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