‘Sustained Resistance’ is the debut album of steadfast techno punks, Maelstrom and Louisahhh as  they celebrate a decade of collaboration. Released on their very own ‘RAAR’, a label known for its  commitment to benevolent anarchy, with past releases including work from celebrated heroes like  Dave Clarke and Peder Mannerfelt, in addition to lesser known (but no less thrilling) up and comers  such as SIN/NER and Walter Gross.  

In alignment with the label’s values of releasing beautiful, challenging and unique work, ‘Sustained  Resistance’ speaks to the darker parts of the psyche: depression and angst in the slow-building  hammer of ‘I am Not a Casualty’, self-betrayal in haunting ballad ‘War in Me’, the pain of love (‘If I  Could Hold’) and political outrage at the loss of bodily autonomy and security (‘Vixen’, ‘America’). This  record is about ferocious hope shining through post-post modern disillusionment, and about creative  kinship, trust and fortitude honed over a decade.  

Shifting fluidly between ‘industrial jungle’, breakneck, break-beat techno poetry, cinderblock drum-less  drone stutters and roaring, seething near-gabber, ‘Sustained Resistance’ also manages more  tenderness and truth than Maelstrom and Louisahhh have previously accessed together, marking a  new chapter in their creative growth as collaborators and as friends.  

Both members of the duo are powerful artists in their own right, with Louisahhh and Maelstrom  making great creative leaps in the last few years independently. Maelstrom released his second  album, ‘Rhizome’ in 2021 as part of a larger exploration of creative interdépendance and ecosystems.  Digging still deeper into this theme with multiple critically revered mixes (his ‘Ensemble’ mix named  among ‘Best Mixes of 2022’ by Pitchfork) that act as proof of concept for the possibility of  financial/creative models that serve artists fairly, using web3 and blockchain tools to create better and  more fair conditions for producers and artists.  

Louisahhh released her debut record, ‘The Practice of Freedom’ on He.She.They/BMG in March ‘21  (unintentionally on the same exact day as Maelstrom’s Rhizome was released) and has been touring  the record as a live band in which Maelstrom gleefully terrorizes machines as Louisahhh storms,  seethes and howls around the stage in a cage made of light. The record has been critically  acclaimed as ‘the missing link between Nine Inch Nails and Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ (NPR); the music and  the performance of it have been an experiment in courage, presence and speaking truth to power,  themes which carry over into ‘Sustained Resistance’. 

While autonomously motivated, Maelstrom and Louisahhh’s most powerful work often comes as a  duo. The pair’s collaboration started in February of 2013, when Louisahhh arrived on Maelstrom’s  doorstep in Nantes, on her second day living in France. This connection was made at the behest of  Louis Brodinski, who suggested that the two would make a great team. Through producing 4 EPs  together for Bromance, founding a label (now 14 releases deep), touring internationally as a duo (and  eventually as ‘Louisahhh Live Band’), playing celebrated festivals and venues the world over  (including label nights at Concrete, Razzmatazz and Fabric), this prophecy proved to be true.  

‘Sustained Resistance’ is a statement of collective survival and evolution while trudging towards a  true north, a bruised and valiant hope in a torturous time. This body of work was carved from  darkness, and not in a kind of goth trope, but more of a lived horror-show: post-pandemic  disillusionment and disenfranchised grief, rage at broken systems doing exactly what they were  designed to do (serve the few at the expense of the many), the overturning of Roe Vs Wade in the  United States; all of these external factors have demanded a new urgency and fearlessness in the  kind of work that Maelstrom and Louisahhh are creating.  

This record travels in a gritty and fierce direction, directly engaging with present issues with timeless  execution, as if finally there is no reason to sugar coat anything, there are no holds barred at this  point. These factors combined, plus the incredible interpersonal security in the collaboration – the  trust between Maelstrom and Louisahhh after a decade of musical partnership – allows the work to go  farther than it has in the past; this environment has created this very brutal, brave and beautiful body  of work. As the lyrics of the album suggest: ‘What meaning will I make of this?/Graceful under the  weight of it’. Equal parts heavy and graceful, ‘Sustained Resistance’ will be available everywhere  February 10th, 2023. 

The single ‘If I Could Hold’ via Bandcamp out now: https://labelraar.bandcamp.com/track/if-i-could-hold 


01. War in Me  

02. I Am Not A Casualty  

03. Muzzle  

04. Burn  

05. Vixen  

06. America  

07. The Seed  

08. If I Could Hold  

09. Fan The Flame 

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