maestro mariner tremolo review

With the ever-growing market of synth players and music producers using guitar pedals on their hardware synths and in their productions, more and more boutique companies are either breaking ground with new guitar pedals or revamping their timeless pedals to compete with the modern market.

Gibson is one such larger company whose iconic maestro line of pedals has been synonymous with personalized performance and a distinctive fuzz sound. Their rehashed Maestro line offers a complete set of ten new guitar pedals in almost every effect you can imagine. 

We recently received one of the Maestro Mariner Tremolo Pedals to review to discover if it deserves a spot in your pedal rack or music studio. 

So let’s dive in.

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What Is The Maestro Mariner Tremolo Pedal

maestro mariner tremolo review

The Maestro Mariner Tremolo Pedal is a classic analog tremolo effect with two distinctive options when affecting the sound; toggled between the two by a simple switch.

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