Ben Böhmer has been starting to percolate in the most unlikely of times, passing through the pandemic like a sieve and rising into the air like a hot air balloon. Yes, you can take that metaphor literally, as that’s where you probably first encountered this young German wunderkind as he performed a set for Cercle flying high above a Turkish mountain range, racking up over 21 million views.

Böhmer has been taking the melodic house and progressive music scene by storm with his latest album, Begin Again, which coincidently was inspired by the pandemic after being separated from his fiancé for an extended period. After waiting a couple of years, the newly minted fans and dare we even say super fans are chomping at the proverbial bit to get their eyes and ears on him and did they ever.

The first leg of his tour was completely sold out, and the second leg is already in the planning stage, so stay tuned for those dates soon. To tide the Böhmerites over, he will be dropping the Begin Again (Remixed) albums on June 15th on Anjunadeep that will surely keep the faithful stoked. 

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