Magnetic Mag Mix Series: HoloRealmz

Öona Dahl and Julia Sinelnikova are about to embark on an incredible, unique musical experience next weekend at the All Day I Dream Festival, where they are going to debut a project they’re calling HoloRealmz.

Check out more information about All Day I Dream’s upcoming festival right here.

The performance line-up features ambient electronica dj sets, as well as performance artists who incorporate movement, light and poetry readings meant to encapsulate the feeling of the downward dive into Wonderland and the hypnotic chase of the white rabbit.

Sounds crazy right? Well, it is (…at least to type it out). 

So let’s dive into what it sounds like, with one hour of exclusive HoloRealmz music

HoloRealmz Tracklist:

1) RyuIchi Sakamoto – only love can conquer hate

2) Goldmund – The Wind Sings

3) Bing & Ruth – TWTGA

4) Amselysen – Lapis Leisurely

5) aya – think i’m gonna make a move (secret dub)6) JakoJako – Thalamus

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