Factor Eight

Recently winning the Visual Media Composer of the Year award, earning a SOCAN Foundation Award, and five Western Canadian Music Award nominations, Factor Eight is ramping up for the release of his debut album ‘II,’ which is a candid reflection of living with bipolar disorder.

Before the debut of his album, Factor Eight brings a new mind-bending track with “A Voice (III),” which drops on 8th October 2022. A dance-inspired ambient production, “A Voice (III),” along with the other tunes in the ‘A Voice’ series, are produced solely by contorting his voice into something unrecognizable. 

The influence of artists such as David August and Max Cooper can be heard in the mixture of the pummelling bass and glistening melodies, all packaged together into what Factor Eight calls “a rather taxing journey of both the senses and emotion.”

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