Nihil Young’s journey as a producer can be defined and summarized in a single word…


For years, this man has produced nothing short of fantastic music that is deeply melodic, gripping, and tells a story that no words could do justice for. Whether releasing finely-tuned techno built firmly for the clubs or cutting-edge progressive fit for main stages across the globe, his dynamic and masterful soundscapes are created to enchant the masses.

And with the release of his latest single on Franky Wah’s label, we brought on Nihil’s talents to curate a mix to act as a snapshot of where the producer and DJ’s sound is now. 

Stream Nihil Young’s Latest Single

The two-track EP is a masterwork of melodic club music. The rolling bass lines and delicate melodies dance over the top of dark and pounding percussions in a way that only Nihil could pull off. 

Where these tracks truly shine is through their contrast. Delicate, quiet moments are juxtaposed against fist-pumping and anthemic moments just as much as sad and dark melodies are played using warm and intimate synth patches. 

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