Vails 02

Vails is a Fool’s Gold Records alumni with a serious knack for melody. And to celebrate the release of his upcoming EP and the first single on it hitting the airwaves, we invited him on to the show to curate an hour of amazing music.

When asked about this Magnetic Mix, Vails said:

“With this mix, I wanted to explore the more melodic side of retro-leaning electronica – proper electro as I call it ha. It creates a neat transition with the more cinematic-influenced nature of the EP. It was only fitting to open the mix with one of my favorite tracks from the EP” – Vails

Stream Vails’ Latest Single

A tasteful blend of acoustic instrumentation and punchy digitization, ‘Zephyr’ runs the gamut of genres and sonic characteristics. 

Blending the two worlds, Vails creates an entirely new world of his own and holds you by the hands as you explore its vastness. The track takes you on a journey from start to finish and begs to be repeated once the destination has arrived. 

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