More producers than ever are ditching expensive monitors, opting instead to invest in best headphones for their music productions. 

That’s because the best headphones can oftentimes bring so much more to the table than monitors can. The sound of the best headphones aren’t colored by the shape and treatment of the room you’re producing in. The best headphones don’t rely on one single listening position for optimal results…

And, most importantly for me (and many of the touring producer/DJs that I know), headphones allow you to get predictable and professional results while you are on the go. 

But not all headphones are treated the same. So let’s dive into our short list of the best headphones you, or the music producer in your life, needs to check out. 


V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Audiophile Headphones

The Crossfade M-100’s are V-Moda’s entry points into the top-tier market for music producers. 

These headphones have all the trappings of an industry-competitive set of cans, but what sets this pair apart from the wealth of other music production headphones in the $250-300 price range is simply the sound quality they put out. 

V-Moda takes their definition of ‘audiophile headphone’ seriously with this model, and the quality is second to none; meaning you’ll be working on your mixdowns and productions in the highest possible fidelity.

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