Music festivals in North America, and the whole world, were hit pretty hard over the past years. While many of the smaller festivals were forced to close their doors (hopefully not forever), a few power players in the scene fought through the challenges and are back stronger than ever.

So let’s dive into our list of the best major music festivals you can attend in North America.

megastructure ultra music festival 2018
Juliana Bernstein - LIB 2015.
Electric Forest 2016
WATCH: "A Journey Home" (Shambhala 2014 Music Festival Official Afterstory)
CRSSD Festival 2020 Carl Cox

With the world opening back up again, it was a nice walk down memory lane recapping some of our favorite North American festivals. If you’re hungry for more, keep an eye out for our upcoming list of some of the best smaller festivals…

But now that we’ve dug deep into our favorite festivals, let’s go a bit further into what exactly makes music festivals such a unique and timeless experience.

What Is A Music Festival?

The dictionary would describe festivals are a gathering of people centered around music and experiences, typically hosted for a weekend or more. The artists booked for the weekend, known as a lineup, can vary wildly; sometimes spanning every genre under the sun while other festivals carve out their niche by only booking artists of a specific genre or vibe. 

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